Delivering Safely... One Baby At A Time

Methodist LeBonheur Hospital in Germantown, TN has partnered with Integrated Physician Services to increase safe outcomes for obstetrics patients by providing on-site 24/365 board certified obstetrician to assist with emergencies.

Our Latest News!  Dr. Townsend and Dr. Gray participated in the inaugural meeting of the Society of Ob/Gyn Hospitalists in Denver.  The Ob.Gyn.News was there and reported on the event.  Check out the article. 

Integrated Physician Services is a provider of hospitalist services for laboring patients who are unassigned or are in emergent need.  Hospitalists partner with the Labor and Delivery staff members to provide immediate assistance.  Private physicians have the support of a qualified colleague to stand by or directly assist the patient if needed.  The nursing staff has immediate access to a physician who can provide information to help them provide the best possible patient care.