t4grayAn Idea Whose Time Has Come

19th Century French poet and human rights activist Victor Hugo knowingly explained a truth that carries IPS forward each day. “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

In April 2009 the time had come for Integrated Physician Services (IPS) to move from the drawing board into reality and provide a level of obstetric service as yet unknown in the Memphis/Shelby County area. 

Thanks to the forward thinking Methodist LeBonheur Germantown Hospital administrative staff, IPS was charged with providing 24/7 emergency care to obstetric patients in need.  

IPS ensures a dedicated board certified obstetric hospitalist is available for assigned and unassigned patients who are in urgent need. We provide a level of safety that increases positive outcomes for patients and their families, private physicians, nurses and other staff members.  

Our mission is to provide medical and consulting services that increase patient safety and improve quality outcomes. We know these are simple yet powerful words that when lived daily change the lives of everyone involved. This is how we choose to see what we do each day – living simple yet powerful words that change lives.