IPS is committed to patient safety. 

Each hospitalist is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology  with experience in emergency obstetrics.  

We believe current certification and real life experience are key parts of making our hospitalists the best they can be.

IPS is committed to quality.  Daily and monthly status reports are created that monitor key performance indicators that are important to the hospital. 

We also capture data that are important to our personal performance as a quality driven organization.  Every 12 hours we document our activity and use that information to monitor our performance.

IPS is committed to communication.  We strive for open and direct communication with our physician and hospital partners.  In our role we work with private physicians to support the care they have directed for their patients.

We also work daily with the nurses and other staff members in Labor and Delivery to ensure that patients are assessed, monitored and care managed in a robust way.  This is helped by our consistent use of the Team One communication model based on the Team Performance Plus program.