Gynecology Care and Resources

A Step Ahead Foundation provides free long acting contraception, health education, and scholarships.
Phone number: 901-320-STEP (7837)
CHOICES provides comprehensive reproductive health care to everyone, including the LGBTQI+ community. Phone number: 901-274-3550
Church Health provides a variety of healthcare services, including pregnancy, menopause and routine checkups. Phone number: 901-272-0003
Christ Community Health Services provides services including: gynecological exams, family planning information, birth control methods, pregnancy testing and counseling, comprehensive prenatal care, breast exams, cervical cancer screening, coposcopy procedures, and testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Individual clinic phone numbers can be found on their website.
Memphis Health Center provides a variety of OB/GYN services including pregnancy, menopause and routine checkups.
Phone number: 901-261-2000